Toronto-based trio BLK is making exciting, genre-bending music with a much bigger mission in mind. “We are changing the narrative on women working together,” shares Khatalia-Korahjay. Bexk adds, “We’re strong women of color who are bringing something new.” Lilac X echoes that sentiment, “There is no template to what a woman should be.” These three solo artists—each of whom write, produce, and perform—combine their initials and colorful styles. This universally-minded outfit is spreading some authentic BLK Girl Magic.

All three artists have Canadian roots. Bexk, a fashion design student from Toronto’s East End, is of Bajan heritage. “I’m the savage,” she admits—employing her nickname as something of an alter-ego. “I fight for our best interests at all times, and encourage others to speak up.” Khatalia-Korahjay is a self-described free spirit from Montreal who comes from a Jamaican family. Her moniker, combining words from scripture and a family name, means power. Lilac X, whose exponent represents self-empowerment, considers herself a citizen of the world.

BLK’s first studio session proved to be pivotal. “We vibed as we got to know each other,” recalls Bexk, who describes an almost instant organic bond. “The idea of creating a girl-group was amazing because Toronto hasn’t really seen one recently.” We cut a track—it was fire—and we decided to keep going.” More than something fabricated, all parties insisted on real, organic chemistry.

From their very first track, sophomore single “FWM,” and now “Girls” that synergy proved to be genuine. “It just clicked; it was very easy. It became clear that this is bigger than us,” Bexk explains. “We want to be successful role models for women of any color and ethnicity.” Each member writes their own verses, while the trio collectively provides input on production and creative vision - from art to choreography. Outside of music, the three women all express themselves differently. Passions range from fashion to cinematography, tattoo art, painting, and environmentalism. “We strive for our lyrics and music to be relatable and accessible to everybody. We’re always going to be inclusive—never exclusive.” At a divisive time in the world, the BLK girls are demonstrating change. “We’re showing that there’s not one type of woman or girl,” Lilac X asserts. “You can dress any way that you want. You can be anything you want.” 

The trio began working with MADE IN SAUGA® label & 21 Entertainment (Alessia Cara, Tamia, Nelly Furtado) premiering their debut single “Got It” in June 2020. The melodic song blends R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop with potent messages of self-worth, unabashed sexuality, and fearless individualism. The song quickly gained traction, earning looks from BBC 1Xtra, Flow 93.5 and a remix by the legendary Fatman Scoop. An official video for “Got It” was released, along with their followup “FWM” leading into the trio’s upcoming debut EP BLK Girl Magic.

In colorful times, Khatalia-Korahjay captures why BLK is as bold and brilliant as its namesake. “We’re not trying to chase a certain vibe, sound, or look. We are just being ourselves.”

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